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        OTAE Management Act
        Construction company 60 years, has gone from hand workshop, planned economy to a market economy changes, vicissitudes, ups and downs rise and fall, it is a typical traditional businesses. Enterprise development process, but also in innovative reform some of the traditional heritage, excellent, effective management methods. How to enable the company to keep with the times, adapt to the needs of market development, through constant exploration and practice, summed up a set of management practices in line with the company's actual: "The standard process bound up" in System Administration Act, referred OTAE Management Act. "Standard" is the goal (objective), namely the company's development strategy, development goals, the annual policy objectives; "process" is a process (transvertion), namely, the achievement of objectives for process control; "community" is the demarcation, classification (assortment ), that the target classification, advancing step by step, and measurement, analysis and improvement. "L" is to enhance (exalt), namely to enhance the level of integrated management and the company's management efficiency by implementing strategic objectives.

        OTAE Management method is based around the overall strategic objectives of the main line, follow the PDCA cycle management principles, according to a systematic way, the use of ERP management tools for target latitude and longitude grid, the implementation of process control, boundary clarity target period, resource allocation, progress testing, promote when to do it, continuous improvement and achieving goals, a management method to enhance management efficiency.

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        Companies based OTAE Management Law, won the first of Qingdao Enterprise Management Award (the first 5 companies short-listed) in 2013, won the third national textile industry Quality Award (2014, the only win of the textile machinery in 2014 Manufacturer company).

        The management results included in the "First Prize in Qingdao enterprise management compilation," in May 2014 was "Shandong arbeiderblad" full-page reprint.

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