Технологическая инновация


Up to now, the company is eligible for a total of 28 technology patents, 83 utility model patent technology, a technology eligible for patent appearance.

No. Patent name Patent No. Patent Collections
1 One kind of cashmere carding machine ZL200810139090.7 Invention
2 Quantitative Joint blending machine ZL201110029047.7 Invention
3 New semi-worsted equipment ZL200910229907.4 Invention
4 Linear fine opener ZL200910019477.3 Invention
5 Undercasing
ZL200910019478.8 Invention
6 Hemp fiber carded machine ZL201010558693.8 Invention
7 Semi-worsted cashmere system of the machine ZL200310105630.7 Invention
8 Plastic woven cloth water-jet loom
ZL200510042386.3 Invention
9 Semi-worsted system machine ZL200710016759.9 Invention
10 Semi-worsted wool carding machine ZL200810157266.1 Invention
11 Low fiber damage efficient weeder spinning carding machine ZL200710113248.9 Invention
12 Joint blending machine ZL201110002240.1 Invention
13 Fine opener with undercasing mounted with card clothing ZL200910231225.7 Invention
14 Bamboo fiber rolling machine ZL201010223307.X Invention
15 Flat-woven plastic knitting machine ZL201210169940.4 Invention
16 A plastic knitting machine ZL201210326013.9 Invention
17 One kind of flat woven plastic knitting machine ZL201210326334.9 Invention
18 A vibration opener ZL201110091454 Invention
19 Plastic knitting machine ZL201210326427.1 Invention
20 Cashmere carding machine ZL201210140344.3 Invention
21 Glass fibers and polypropylene nonwoven fabric production equipment ZL201210139612.X Invention
22 Cashmere carding combined machine ZL201410297246.0 Invention
23 Concentric rotary type slivering machine ZL201210442337.9 Invention
24 A combined opener ZL201310229220.7 Invention
25 New type cotton condenser device ZL201210442232.3 Invention
26 Foreign fiber sorting passage ZL201310704874.0 Invention
27 Foreign fiber sorter
ZL201310703888.0 Invention
28 Complete sets of chemical fiber carding and slivering machine ZL201410098789.9 Invention
29 Foreign fiber sorter ZL201430273857.1 Exterior
30 slivering device for textile machinery ZL03215773.8 Utility Model
31 Cashmere carding machine ZL200320107014.0 Utility Model
32 A kind of sliver guiding mechanism of drawing frame ZL200420039681.4 Utility Model
33 A kind of sliver guiding ZL200420039682.9 Utility Model
34 Nonwovens carding machine ZL200320107015.5 Utility Model
35 Semi-worsted cashmere system of the machine ZL200320107013.6 Utility Model
36 New stepping gear reducer ZL200520080297.3 Utility Model
37 New needling machine ZL200620080570.7 Utility Model
38 Cross-lapper ZL200620080569.4 Utility Model
39 Carding machinery feed mechanism ZL200620084017.0 Utility Model
40 Weighing volumetric wool feeder ZL200620080568.X Utility Model
41 Carding with roller feed mechanism ZL200620084018.5 Utility Model
42 New cashmere carding machine ZL200620010979.1 Utility Model
43 Combined semi-worsted cashmere topmaking equipment ZL200720158336.6 Utility Model
44 New roller structure ZL200720158334.7 Utility Model
45 Nonwovens carding machine stripping mechanism ZL200820023699.3 Utility Model
46 Semi-worsted cashmere comb machine ZL200820023700.2 Utility Model
47 New carding mechanism ZL200820024001.X Utility Model
48 New artificial fur carding machine ZL200820024002.4 Utility Model
49 Cashmere carding machine ZL200820027344.1 Utility Model
50 Non-woven cloth flats carding web former ZL200820172380.7 Utility Model
51 Airflow wool feeding device ZL200820172382.6 Utility Model
52 Recycled fiber carding machine ZL200920225221.3 Utility Model
53 Teaser card Roller structure ZL200820175076.8 Utility Model
54 Nonwovens double-Doffer carding machine ZL200820233353.6 Utility Model
55 Wide carding machine ZL200820233354.0 Utility Model
56 Cleaning structure of carding electrical box
ZL200820233352.1 Utility Model
57 Nonwoven carding machine ZL200920280607.4 Utility Model
58 New slivering calender roller structure ZL200920021079.0 Utility Model
59 Double volumeric vibration feeder
ZL200920021080.3 Utility Model
60 New type undercasing mechanism ZL200920025205.X Utility Model
61 Wool feeder with opening unit
ZL200920026210.2 Utility Model
62 Fiber Joint opener ZL200920225222.8 Utility Model
63 Recycled fiber carding machine ZL200920225221.3 Utility Model
64 Fiber joint mixing means ZL200920241025.5 Utility Model
65 Nonwovens carding machine ZL200920280607.4 Utility Model
66 Coiler automatic changer mechanism ZL200920280606.X Utility Model
67 New airflow nozzle stripping device ZL201020254375.8 Utility Model
68 New bamboo fiber rolling machine ZL201020254377.7 Utility Model
69 Cashmere carding feed mechanism ZL201120098478.4 Utility Model
70 New quantitative joint mixing machine ZL201120027155.6 Utility Model
71 Fine opener ZL201220082247.9 Utility Model
72 Nonwovens carding machine ZL201220082558.5 Utility Model
73 Acrylic carding machine ZL201220082524.6 Utility Model
74 Cashmere carding machine ZL201220202531.6 Utility Model
75 Glass fibers and polypropylene nonwoven fabric production equipment ZL201220203784.4 Utility Model
76 Electronic weft yarn feeding device ZL201220244816.5 Utility Model
77 Electronic weft cutter device ZL201220244819.9 Utility Model
78 New flat woven plastic knitting machine ZL201220244821.6 Utility Model
79 Flat-woven plastic knitting machine frame structure ZL201220244806.1 Utility Model
80 Squeeze roll ZL201220244823.5 Utility Model
81 Flat-woven plastic knitting machine ZL201220244825.4 Utility Model
82 Profiled fiber sorting machine ZL201220412066.8 Utility Model
83 Textile fiber mixed opener ZL201220411827.8 Utility Model
84 Cashmere carding combined machine ZL201220412058.3 Utility Model
85 Fiber carding machine ZL201220414118.5 Utility Model
86 Concentric rotary slivering device ZL201220584480.7 Utility Model
87 New cotton conderser device ZL201220584535.4 Utility Model
88 Non-wovens carding machine for absorbent cotton ZL201320335542.5 Utility Model
89 Double coarse-removing cashmere carding machine ZL201320332545.3 Utility Model
90 Carding machine with double coiler mechanism ZL201320332376.3 Utility Model
91 Combined opener ZL201320332315.7 Utility Model
92 Multi-mixer opener ZL201320842432.8 Utility Model
93 Foreign fiber sorting passage ZL201320843473.9 Utility Model
94 New cylinder ZL201320843450.8 Utility Model
95 Bale ZL201320840022.X Utility Model
96 Foreign fiber sorter ZL201320844090.3 Utility Model
97 Fiber carding machine ZL201320843567.6 Utility Model
98 Burr-removing device for woolen card ZL201420048713.0 Utility Model
99 Airflow balance automatic dispenser ZL201420049467.0 Utility Model
100 Complete sets of chemical fiber carding and slivering equipments ZL201420120570.X Utility Model
101 Single roll opener and its opening cylinder ZL201420114937.7 Utility Model
102 A bale plucker with its ribs ZL201420115081.5 Utility Model
103 Automatic feeding hopper ZL201420115619.2 Utility Model
104 Impurity-removing machine ZL201420117119.2 Utility Model
105 Low fiber damage opener ZL201420439038.4 Utility Model
106 New carding machine ZL201420439036.5 Utility Model
107 Adjusting device for tensioning position of belt pulley ZL201520013156.3 Utility Model
108 Carding machine ZL201520029249.5 Utility Model
109 Complete sets of cashmere opening and carding equipments ZL201520032559.2 Utility Model
110 Cashmere carding equipment opener ZL201520611200.0 Utility Model
111 Complete sets of wool slivering equipment with automatic feeder ZL201520614952.2 Utility Model
112 A flexible bend for adjusting the gauge between the Cylinder and the movable flats ZL201520611673.0 Utility Model

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