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Quality Policy:
        Dongjia Textile Machinery——The perfect combination of quality, technology and reputation.
        Dongjia Textile Machinery——Referring to the East Jia brand textile machinery, refers to Dong Jia Group and its products.
        Quality——Quality characteristics that the company to meet customer requirements for product safety, credibility, reliability, applicability and economy, etc., and the sum of the product appearance and styling products and technology services and other aspects. The company's pursuit of quality continuous improvement to the quality of survival, quality cast brand, brand extension to the market, quality and promote development.
        Science and Technology——It refers to the company's research and technological progress. Companies actively promote scientific and technological innovation, and constantly develop new products, application of new scientific and technological achievements, improving product technology content, improve product core value, continuous innovation, promote technological progress and enhance the core competitiveness of the company's products.
        Credit——It refers to the company's credit and reputation. Companies to adapt to market development, and continuously meet the growing needs and expectations of customers, with customers, suppliers and other 'stakeholders integrity, mutual benefit and win-win relationship, and constantly improve the company's visibility and reputation, establish a good corporate image.
        Perfect quality, technology and reputation combination——The company refers to the complementarity between the pursuit of quality, science and technology, the credibility of the three interrelated and mutually reinforcing, best organic binding. Company quality policy is the purpose and direction of the company's quality management system is through the quality objectives of the center of the main line, is the code of conduct company quality management system to ensure the company's quality management activities are continually improve effective control and management system, effective operation. The joint efforts of all staff of the company, has always been customer-focus, the use of system approach to management and maintaining mutually beneficial relations fact-based decisions, always with all relevant parties, to achieve continuous improvement, the pursuit of high performance.

Company Environmental Policy:
        Advocating better  Promote conservation  Keep clean  Create a harmonious.
        Advocating better——The company should focus on environmental awareness training, the construction of a beautiful environment, maintaining natural ecosystems, to provide staff with a good working environment.
        Promote conservation——The company should focus on resource use and energy management, attention to conservation potential, and explore the sustainable use of resources and energy, and minimize the consumption of resources and energy.
        Keep clean——The company is committed to environmental cleaning and continuous improvement, strengthen site management, promote clean production, lean production.
        Create a harmonious——Companies want to focus on corporate culture, and establish the concept of the people, love and strive to create jobs, enterprises love, care for each other's corporate culture, to build a liberal, healthy, friendly and harmonious enterprise.
        The company environmental policy is the purpose and direction of the company's environmental management system throughout the company environmental goals central main line, code of conduct corporate environmental management system operation to ensure that the company's environmental management activities of continuous improvement and effective control and management system, effective operation . Company departments should according to the general requirements of the environmental management system, conscientiously implement environmental policy, environmental management objectives to achieve.

Occupational health and safety policy:
        Safe Production  Health work  The pursuit of excellence  Create a harmonious.
        Safe Production——We always adhere to safety first, prevention-oriented approach, the entire production and business activities must comply with laws, regulations and other requirements relating to occupational health and safety of the country, to provide employee health and safety requirements in line with national standards, safe and reliable production equipment and facilities, and actively integrate resources, increase investment of resources, strengthen field management, the implementation of 6S management, eliminate accidents and ensure safety in production.
        Health work——Companies adhere to the prevention, combined with the principle of prevention and treatment of occupational diseases may result in hazards and control measures, to implement the proactive eliminate or eradicate the efforts to improve the quality of working environment and safety protection factor, reduce environmental hazards, so that employees in safety health and healthy working environment, protect the health of employees.
        The pursuit of excellence——Companies continue to adhere to strengthen occupational health and safety management, continuous improvement of occupational health and safety management system, the system effectively control occupational health and safety risks, the pursuit of high performance system operation, to achieve the overall goal of occupational health and safety.
        Create a harmonious——Companies adhere to the people-oriented, occupational health and safety management system integration in a comprehensive management system, and strive to create love post, love enterprise, love each other's corporate culture, to build a liberal, healthy, friendly and harmonious enterprise.
        Occupational health and safety policy is the purpose and direction of the company's occupational health and safety management system throughout the company occupational health and safety objectives of the center of the main line, is a code of conduct occupational health safety management system to ensure that the company's occupational health and safety management activities are effective continuous improvement and effective operation of the control and management system. Departments should by occupational health and safety management system general requirements, conscientiously implement the policy of occupational health and safety, occupational health and safety to achieve the overall goal.

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